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screenings & awards




• First Prize, Premio Oscar Signorini XXVII Edizione for Traditional Animated Short Film, Milano, Italy
(Jury: Roberto Della Torre, Laura Fiori, Julia Gromskaya, Simone Massi, Cristina Trivellin)
(14 December, 2010)


BEST SHORT FILM (Prix du meilleur court-métrage), Fesival du Cinéma Italien, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France
(Jury: Jeanne Moreau (president), Jean-Hugues Anglade, Frédérique Bel, Josée Dayan, Vincent Paul-Boncour)
(17 april 2007)


SILVER DRAGON for Best Animated Film, Krakow Film Festival, Polan
The Jury awarded the film for its well-crafted sense of mystery, its emotional impact and its individual style.
(Jury: Jerzy Stuhr (chairman), Pirjo Honkasalo, Marek Hovorka, Phil Mulloy and Luce Vigo)


Jim Poole Award for Best Scottish Short Film, UK


Special Jury Prize, AniFest, Czech Republic
for “a sophisticated puppet animation and camera work. We particularly appreciate the courage you have because you continue making puppet films.”
(Jury: Oxana Tcherkassova, Daniel Suljic, Jiri Tyller)


(Officially Selected in Competition, unless otherwise stated as non-competition):


• Court-Bouillon Festival de Court-Métrages de la Grange, (non-competition 17-18 June, 2011)

Oscar Signorini Award for Traditional Animated Short Film, Milano, Italy (14-20 Dec., 2010)
{Winner First Prize}

VII Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte – Premio Le Mura d’Oro 2008”, Città Alta Bergamo, Italia ( 18-26 July 2008)
('Solo Duets' was chosen as the image to represent the festival)

6th Interantional Short Film Festival IN THE PALACE, Balchik, Bulgaria (June 23-30 2008)

Cortoons -Festival Internazionale di Cortometraggi di Animazione, Roma, Italy (27-30 march 2008)

• 4th International Animation and Short Film Festival & Workshop, Ekaterinburg, Russia (December 1-4, 2007)
(invited as special guest together with Asaf Agranat and Professor Donald Holwill)

International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima, Krakow, Poland (15-22 November 2007)

27th Amiens International Film Festival, Amiens, France, (non-competition Nov 9-18 2007)

Cinemagic World Screen Festival For Young People, Belfast, Northern Ireland, (16 Nov - 2 Dec 2007)

Silhouette Short Film Festival, Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris, France
(non-competition 2nd - 9th September 2007)

aniMOTION animation festival, Sibiu, Romania (3-8 July 2007)

Umbria Film Festival, Montone (PG), Italy (non-competitive 6 July 2007)

15th International Animation Festival of Brazil, Anima Mundi 2007, (non-competition. Rio de Janeiro, June 29th to July 8th, and in São Paulo, July 11th to 15th 2007)

Maremetraggio International Short Film Festival, Trieste, Italy (June 29 - July 7, 2007)

• trickfilmplattform screening, ASIFA AUSTRIA studio, Dapontegasse 9, Vienna (28 june 2007, non-competitive)

Open Roads: New Italian Cinema, Lincoln Center, New York, U.S.A. (the leading showcase of Italian cinema in the United States. non-competitive. 6-14 June 2007)

Fesival du Cinéma Italien, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France
(Jury: Jeanne Moreau, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Frédérique Bel, Josée Dayan, Vincent Paul-Boncour)
(12-17 april 2007)
{Winner: Prix du Meilleur Court-métrage (Best Short Film)}


La Settimana Corta, Nuovi Sentieri, (in collaborazione con il Sindacato Nazionale Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani), Italy (mar 27 - 1 April 2007 non-competitive)

Special Screening at the Tehran International Animation Festival, Iran (25th Feb - 1st Mar, 2007 non-competitive)

'Solo Duets' - selected among the 15 finalists for the Nastri d'Argento (Sindacato Nazionale Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani, Italian film critics' award). Screening and Award Ceremony 18.12.06, Sala Trevi in Vicolo del Puttarello 25, Rome

International Animation Film Festival Animateka, Kinodvor Ljubljana, Slovenia (12-26 Dec. 2006 non-competition)

AniFest (Anilogue), Budapest, Hungary (30 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2006)

I Castelli Animati, Genzano di Roma, Italy (29 Nov. - 3 Dec. 2006)

Student Film Festival Sleepwalkers, Tallinn Dark Nights Film Festival, Estonia (24-30 November 2006)

Special screening at the Leeds International Film Festival, UK (11 November, 2006, non-competition)

OPENING THE FESTIVAL - PISAF 2006, Puchon, Korea (2 November, 2006, honorary screening, non-competition)

"Solo Duets", the third opening film, lets you to encounter the devastated mind of an author by taking you to ruins in Europe that was destroyed in the world war in early 20th century. Having been consummated with an inspiration from "Duino Elegies" by Rainer Maria Rilke, this work conveys the destitute loneliness of a survivor with images of sullen color tints, appearing to be surrounded by a silent but pitch-black darkness, together with music by Erik Satie.
Demonstrates their presence of a kind that is entirely different from characters created on the computer, the figures in this film show a refined performance of a story that a soulless object gains life but again goes back to a death-like silence. These figures redefine performances that can be performed in a puppet animation film. This film invites us to a magic world that can be depicted by an animation film that is created with figures that have a mediating eye expression and paralyzed gestures that suppress pains inside.

(from the PISAF Catalogue, p. 43)

Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands (1-5 November, 2006, non-competition)

36th Kyiv IFF Molodist, Ukraine (October 21-29, 2006, non-competition)

Norwich International Animation Festival (Aurora), UK (18 - 21 October 2006)
(What a Wonderful Festival!!)

• 3rd China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival (CICDAF 2006), China (Sept 28- Oct 1)

• 5th International Best of Short Films Festivals, La Ciotat, France (September 7th-10th 2006)

Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Hiroshima, Japan (August 27th '06)

Krok International Animation Festival, on board of the
river cruiser "Georgy Zhukov" following the route Nizhni Novgorod - Perm -Kazan - Nizhni Novgorod, Russia-Ukraine (8-17 Aug. '06)

46th Krakow Film Festival, Krakow, Poland
(June 4th, '06)
{Winner Silver Dragon for Best Animated Film}

International Festival of Animated Films (AniFest) 2006, Trebon, Czech Republic
(7-8 May '06)
{Winner Special Jury Prize}

Bradford Animation Festival, Bradford, UK
(16-17-18 Nov. '05)

59th Edinburgh International Film Festival, Edinburgh, UK
(26 Aug. '05)



Solo Duets screening as part Will Anderson's 'The Making of Longbird: a Retrospective' exhibition, in collaboration with Tobias Feltus and Sophie Gackowski, at the Inverness Museum, Scotland (Nov 2011 - Feb 2012)
READ review

Ten Decades, Edinburgh College of Art Centenary Exhibition, The City Art Centre, Edinburgh (27 October 2007 to 20 January 2008, admission free)
review: link

• 2007 Mostra 'Il Demone Meridiano', Galleria Passo Blu, Torino
(16 mar - ..)

• 2007 CORTINQUIETI Rassegna di Cortometraggi d’Animazione Inquieta, a cura di Andrea Princivalli, Palazzo Foscolo, Oderzo (Tv), (09 marzo al 29 aprile 2007)

• 2006 Joseph Feltus - Exhibiting Photography and Film, Masters Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art, UK
( 7-12 December 2006)

• 2006 FeltusFeltus 'Untitled' Solo Exhibition, Galleria Entroterra, Milano, Italy
(07 March- August 2006)

• 2006 Feltus Feltus 'Untitled' Solo Exhibition, Galleria Novaglio Arte, Brescia, Italy.
(14.01.2006 - 13.02.2006)

2005 Art(Verona, Verona, Italy
(13-16 Oct '05)


Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Umbertide, Italy

• trickfilmplattform, ASIFA AUSTRIA studio, Dapontegasse 9, Vienna (28 june 2007, non-competitive)

• Special screening at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, CO, (6 June 2007)

'Solo Duets' - shortlisted for the Jim Poole Scottish Short Film Award 2006, Edinburgh, UK
(4 June, '06)
{Winner First Prize, Best Scottish Short Film}

• Blue Room, short film screening, Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh Filmhouse, eca degree animation film show, UK