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Direcor's Statement - note of intention for original soundtrack


Haphazard Symphony is a sort of dance of emotions. I wanted to express as much as possible of certain emotions through only movement and sound.

In a description of the feelings I wanted to convey in the film I wrote to the composer David Dela Haye:

‘I think it's about feelings taking over, whether they are wanted or unwanted. I think mostly unwanted. The posters that move and the images on the characters themselves are a kind of symbol of the negation and rebellion of the internal self. Sentiments and thoughts and desires don't always seem to ride along the same line. Here the normal, or expected, or wanted, has become distorted’. (from an email to David Dela Haye, February 29, 2004)

I also described the structure that I wanted the music to have. I was interested in a '20s-'30s feel, very internal, that reached a climax and then fell to a quiet melancholy, and then returning to the way it had started, to create a circular structure. The fall after the climax was very important to me, and it was also where in the animation the feelings took over the logic, and the puppets moved on their own accord, without my planning.

© 2004-2005 Joseph Feltus






(in competition, unless otherwise stated)


Special screening at the Leeds International Film Festival, UK (11 November, 2006, non-competition)


PISAF 2006, Puchon, Korea (2-6 November, 2006)


Krok International Animation Festival, (on board of the river cruiser "Georgy Zhukov" following the route Nizhni Novgorod - Perm -Kazan - Nizhni Novgorod), Russia-Ukraine (8-17 Aug. '06)


London International Animation Festival (LIAF), London, UK (22-27 Aug. '06)


• Australian International Animation Festival (AIAF), Sydney and Adelaide, Australia (after MIAF, '06)


Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF), Melbourne, Australia (20-25 June '06)


14a Edizione di ARCIPELAGO , Festival Internazionale di Cortometraggi e Nuove Immagini, Roma, Italy (16-22 June '06)


onedotzero_10, London, UK (June 10 '06)


International Festival of Animated Films (AniFest) 2006, Trebon, Czech Republic (5-7-8 May '06)


Sehsüchte ("viewing addictions") - the biggest student film festival in Europe, Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany (April 26th '06)





•CORTINQUIETI Rassegna di Cortometraggi d’Animazione Inquieta, a cura di Andrea Princivalli, Palazzo Foscolo, Oderzo (Tv), (09 marzo al 29 aprile 2007)


• 2006 Feltus Feltus 'Untitled' Solo Exhibition, Galleria Novaglio Arte, Brescia, Italy. 
(14.01.2006 - 13.02.2006)